Assisting Your Facility During a Critical Time

Contact us for a free assessment from our Certified Infection Control Preventionist for a review of your current practices and recommendations to improve overall compliance.

We are aware that the Department of Public Health is making on-site visits to review compliance with required directives in the management of COVID-19. Our experts are here to provide those on-site visits proactively in order to make sure all staff are adhering to the most up to date recommendations, for example: donning and doffing PPE.

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    CMS Guidelines for Donning and Doffing PPE

    CMS is reporting that during the COVID-19 infection control focused surveys findings are revealing that PPE not being used correctly, including donning and doffing procedures. Surveyors are having staff demonstrate handwashing and donning and doffing of PPE. Nursing facilities are strongly encouraged to review with your staff the appropriate way to apply and remove all PPE, including gloves, gowns, masks, and eye protection.

    Please view the video below, filmed 4/6/20 with the most recent updated procedures, as a refresher that can also be shared with your associates.

    COVID-19 Related Services for Skilled Nursing Facilities

    At Eisenstein Flaherty & Associates our experts have been following the directives that are currently in effect for Skilled Nursing Facilities in Massachusetts. These directives require implementation to protect the health and safety of residents, visitors and associates. At EF, we understand the information is evolving on a daily basis and can be overwhelming as you are working to navigate the changing landscape of infectious disease control and risk mitigation on a daily basis.
    We are here to help and have developed the following:
    • COVID-19 Directives and Guidelines for Skilled Nursing Facilities from CMS
    • COVID-19 Screening Tool for Visitors and Associates
    • Sample Self-Assessment Tool to review the readiness of the facility for COVID-19
    Additional services include:
    • Annual Training Needs Assessment for COVID-19 to include training and back up documentation.
    • The development of policies, procedures and trainings specifically for SNFs by our Infection Control Preventionists.
    • Observations of current infection control practices by a Certified Infection Preventionist to identify areas of opportunity and verification of meeting all requirements.
    • Review of current policies and procedures such as required Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Plans and Communicable Disease Control Plans.
    • Education to Associates, Residents and Family members regarding Infection Control and Prevention including COVID-19 through webinars, and on-site training.