What do we do?

We partner with Assisted Living communities and Skilled Nursing Facilities by spending time to get to know the organization’s staff, residents and families at an operational level. We deliver recommendations empowering all levels of staff to implement positive change. Our services improve culture, resident or patient satisfaction and financial performance through active engagement and building relationships.

Our team partners with our clients to:

  • Build a positive culture to earn employee retention and improve morale.
  • Foster the community’s mission to bring the highest quality care to residents and families.
  • Improve internal policies and procedures for quality care, resident safety and regulatory compliance including memory care.
  • Analyze financial opportunities for revenue enhancements and expense control.
  • Review sales and marketing activities to ensure best practices for success.
  • Establish the organization as a resource in the community for both the public and professionals.

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How do we work?

The EF approach mirrors our operational experience empowering teams, analyzing process and engaging all levels of staff as partners in the organization’s success.

CMS Guidelines for Donning and Doffing PPE

CMS is reporting that during the COVID-19 infection control focused surveys findings are revealing that PPE not being used correctly, including donning and doffing procedures. Surveyors are having staff demonstrate handwashing and donning and doffing of PPE. Nursing facilities are strongly encouraged to review with your staff the appropriate way to apply and remove all PPE, including gloves, gowns, masks, and eye protection.

Please view the video below, filmed 4/6/20 with the most recent updated procedures, as a refresher that can also be shared with your associates.

Who are Eisenstein Flaherty and Associates?

We are experts in senior living with a proven track record of success in establishing positive culture, management, operations and relationship building.

Our niche is exclusively working with senior living communities and skilled nursing facilities operating in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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